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No twitter

Posted on 2010.05.11 at 08:33
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In an ongoing effort to reduce the amount of information I consume on a daily basis, I have explicitly chosen not to follow twitter, and in general, not to read facebook wall posts. I certainly still read and respond to emails, direct messages, phone calls, etc. I would like to still read livejournal. As a result, if you're posting your twitter feed to livejournal, I won't be reading your journal anymore. I still care a great deal about what you write here, and if you stop posting twitter to livejournal, then I'd be happy to read it. It isn't any offense, but I don't believe that the 140 character microblogging has the type of information profile that I want to include in my daily life.

I encourage you all to be careful with words, and to use them effectively and powerfully, to improve your life and the lives of others. If you believe you are doing this, excellent. Keep it up. Each of us has to choose what information we receive, and I personally have reached my limit on surface details and life trivia.

I love you all very much, but I can't live all of your lives in addition to my own.

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Intro to LMA

Posted on 2010.01.26 at 09:55
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An Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis

In this 14 week class, you will:
* Explore what makes movement expressive
* Broaden your movement possibilities
* Increase your movement dynamics in Effort and Shape
* Recognize your own "movement signature" and that of others
* Understand the connections between movement and meaning

Every human moves in their own way. This expression through movement has meaning for the person moving and those they interact with. In this course, we will explore soem of the elements of movement which contribute to personal, artistic, and cultural style. We will work using Laban Movement Analysis, a system for understanding, describing, writing, prescribing, observing, and making meaning of human movement, which includes structural and physical dynamics (Body), dynamics or feelingful characteristics of movement (Effort), form change with respect to the environment (Shape), and the harmonic use of Space. Understanding these elements and how they interact is valuable for anyone in the fields of education, performing arts, athletics, or therapy. The class is movement-centric but no specific movement or dance experience is required.

Chris Lundberg is a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst.


Contact Information

Chris Lundberg
512 689 9295

Class information
Classes are every Monday Night
February 1 - May 3
7:15 - 8:45
$200 for the entire run
Galaxy Dance Studios
1700 S Lamar, Suite 338
512 442 5299

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Hofmann Drive at Southern Oracle

Posted on 2009.10.05 at 14:57
Current Music: yup
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Dave and I played this sunrise set at Southern Oracle:

Live at Southern Oracle by Hofmann Drive

Track List:
Sparkling in the Underbrush
Axis Coatimundi
Those That From a Great Distance Resemble Flies
Die Leiseste Ahnung
Demon Angel
Embalmed Ones
Those That Tremble as if They Were Mad
Rose of Jericho
Stray Dogs
Fish - Jahcoozi
Aftermathmatics - Flowers of Wraith

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Laban Movement Analysis class poll

Posted on 2009.08.12 at 15:23
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Ok, it looks like there is probably sufficient interest in this class. It will probably start in mid to late September. Given that, what times/things/etc work best for you all? Once I've got some stuff hammered out, I'll post a more detailed course description, date, time, etc. and we'll rock and roll.

Poll #1443115 Laban Movement Analysis class

What time format(s) do you prefer?

1 hour, twice a week, for 10 weeks
1.5 hour, twice a week, for 7 weeks
2 hour, twice a week, for 5 weeks
2 hour, once a week, for 10 weeks
other (leave a comment)

What Day/Times work best for you?

Monday eve
Tuesday eve
Wednesday eve
Thursday eve
Friday eve
Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
Saturday eve
Sunday morning
Sunday afternoon
Sunday eve
other (leave comments)

What is the most you would pay for a class of this sort?

I would go if it were free
Around $50 ($2.50 an hour)
Around $100 ($5 an hour)
Around $200 ($10 an hour)
Around $500 ($25 an hour)

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Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis

Posted on 2009.08.11 at 15:41
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I'm considering teaching an introductory course in Laban Movement Analysis (approximately 20 class hours). Is there substantial interest here?

My quick description:

Laban Movement Analysis is a system for understanding, thinking about, talking about, categorizing, observing, writing, and prescribing movement. It is a hefty blend of movement, theory, observation, imagery, emotion, etc. It will be in a dance studio. It integrates a movement discipline called Bartenieff Fundamentals, which is in the same ... Read Moregeneral category as Yoga or Pilates, but with a focus on movement patterning and efficiency (contrasted with most Yoga's breath and flexibility, and most Pilates' core strengthening - obviously all of them do lots of stuff).

I am a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA) and have been studying this work for approximately 5 years. It is pretty darn bad-ass.


Rockin' The Hagia - New Version

Posted on 2009.06.09 at 10:56
Current Music: http://www.monkeyindustries.org/music/mixes/RockinTheHagia.html
There were some skips and hiccups in the old version so I re-recorded it. Same great tracks, now with even more awesome. If you want to keep the mix around for multiple listens, definitely get the new one.


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Rockin' The Hagia

Posted on 2009.06.07 at 15:26
Current Music: http://www.monkeyindustries.org/music/mixes/RockinTheHagia.html
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New mix up on my website. This is a collection of some of the the bigger and goofier electro tracks I was playing this year in ISH.


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Flipside ride

Posted on 2009.05.15 at 18:49
Looking to go out Thursday morning, with new out-of-town burner Jessica in tow. Do any of y'all have space for the two of us? We'll bribe handily.



Posted on 2009.04.30 at 09:59
Hey all y'all...

Shpongle is playing tomorrow night at the Parish, and I have a shpare ticket. Let me know if you want to come to the show with me. It should be completely shpectacular.

EDIT: Ticket is shpoken for!

Ice sculpture

Going to break myself

Posted on 2009.04.19 at 09:21
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I'm going to an audition for Diavolo this morning in about half an hour.

I am seriously unprepared for this sort of physicality. I'll likely break myself something fierce. This is my favorite company, though, so I am compelled to try. Challenge Masochism and all... It is a three hour audition, and I fully expect it to be brutal. If it goes well.

I have been neglecting my physicality (substantially, not entirely) while I've been focusing on other things, such as my music and my relationships. I don't regret these choices, but my goals for the future and for my life require a balance between all of them, so I intend to change that pattern.

I just wish that I had changed that pattern a wee bit earlier, so I'll have a chance of being able to walk later today.

UPDATE: The audition was awesome and totally fun. Almost certainly not going to be invited to be in the company, but that's just fine. Like I've been saying, I've got shit to do. I am not broken. In fact, I feel really great. Best I've moved in quite some time.

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